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Bees have six legs, four wings and five eyes

There is only one queen per hive

There could be up to 40,000 worker bees, which are all female

Queens can live for several years

We need bees to pollinate our food

Bees cannot see the colour red

Bees only sting if they think they or their hive is in danger

Honey bees need to visit two million flowers to make one pound of honey

Honey bees communicate with one another using smell and also dance

A honey bee flaps its wings about 12,000 times per minute

A typical healthy hive may contain up to 60,000 honey bees during peak times

The average summertime honey bee lives only about 42 to 50 days

The average honey bee flies between 12 and 15 miles per hour

The average central temperature of the brood nest is kept between 92-95 degrees fahrenheit

Young honey bees are taught by the more experienced ones how to make honey


Bee wise – and join our campaign to save the honey bee

The honey bee is one of the busiest creatures on the planet. It pollinates more than 90 of the crops we rely on for food and contributes an estimated £1 billion per year to UK agriculture and horticulture. But UK honey bee numbers have dropped - by as much as 80 per cent in some areas. Attacks by a parasite known as the varroa mite, loss of habitats, intensive farming and overuse of pesticides and herbicides have all been blamed. As a responsible business Anglia Co-operative is taking the issue very seriously and has forged a link with the Peterborough and District Beekeepers Asociation to spread the word about the threat to the honey bee and what we can all do to help.

We are…
• Maintaining four hives at our headquarters in Peterborough
• Fundraising for the Peterborough and District Beekeepers
• Association to help further their valuable work
• Providing free educational visits for hundreds of schoolchildren each year
• Promoting the honey bee to schools, groups and at events all over our business area

You can…
• Become a beekeeper – find out more at www.peterboroughbees.co.uk
Avoid using pesticides in your garden
• Plant traditional cottage flowers like rosemary, bluebells, foxglove and comfrey in your garden
• Let your lawn grow a little longer between cuts so that bees can feed on the clover for nectar
• Leave water out for the bees
• If you are a farmer, plant bee-friendly pollen and nectar strips alongside hedgerows


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